mobile blogging: my 20-minute electricity vacation

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

mobile blogging: my 20-minute electricity vacation

so, they just announced about 10 minutes ago (i’m at work right now) that they will be shutting off the power for a little while. in said announcement, they “encouraged” us to take our lunchbreak during this time. in light, though, of being a late luncher and my tendency to
defy sesnsible office logic, i decided to park it here and take a stab at mobile blogging on the ol’ iphone. (editorial note: make sure your iphone is fully charged prior to blogging…this is now the second time i’ve typed this blog…)

as i mentioned in my previous blog, at any given time, there’s probably 9 or 10 blogs swimming around in the large melon atop my shoulders (which, of course, is a member of the 2-ft head club…). some have wondered where i find the time to blog in my busy schedule, but in actuality, there’s a lot of blogs that hit the cutting room floor simply because i don’t have the time to post them. so, i thought i would take this time to throw out some potential blog posts that i might write about. feel free to leave a comment about which-if any-of these might be interesting. here’s the list:

1. a response to the criticism of the saddleback presidential civic forum

2. the paradigm shift within christianity and political discourse of which some have called “the third way”

3. commentary on the impending vice presidential selection by barack obama and the democratic national convention see it here.

4. several potential album reviews:

  • third day: revelation
  • jon foreman: seasonal ep’s
  • family force 5: dance or die
  • janelle monae: metropolis: the chase suite ep
  • ten shekel shirt: jubilee

5. why i don’t censor myself on my blog

6. the name that christen and i have chosen for the impending second baby byrd

7. michael phelps: overrated?

8. more thoughts and findings from the new christians by tony jones (a lot of good stuff that i’ve been wanting to share)

9. the danger and power of labels see it here.

so, there you go. let me know what you think and i’ll get to writings. salutations from my iphone blogging experience…