ray lamontagne: lover, not a fighter

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Thursday, September 25th, 2008

ray lamontagne: lover, not a fighter

as i’ve previously stated, i’ve been looking forward to ray lamontagne’s forthcoming album, gossip in the grain for quite a while. the buzz on this record is that it’s a bit of a new direction for ray, mostly in terms of lyrical direction and the use of his full band. lyrically, i’ve been looking forward to hearing a particular track, just out of pure curiousity. ray isn’t one to gush about love and flirtatious desires, but on the track, meg white, he does just that.

now several weeks after releasing the first single, you are the best thing (itunes store link), meg white has leaked online. one could argue that the lyrics are just ridiculous, but i think it’s supposed to have that quirky, playful vibe. it’s a raspy folk singer gushing over a fair-skinned garage rock drummer. it should be weird.
also, apparently i was on musical sabbatical, but i completely missed that ray also released a second single, let it be me (itunes store link). if these three songs are any indication, i’m even more excited about the full length album.
you can hear both meg white and let it be me here.

meg white:

let it be me: