the devil’s iv

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Sunday, September 28th, 2008

the devil’s iv

ladies and gentlemen: we have tivo.

this is the television equivalent to a crackhead actually being hooked up to a crack iv and just rolling around in a crack-induced stupor. this is what tivo is.
i really don’t watch a lot of tv. sure, i have my must-watch shows (survivor, mainly), but i don’t really sit around watching tv that often. i stay pretty busy and whereas the tv stays on consistently (mostly on cnn, because we’re nerds like that), i don’t constantly have to be watching something. i think tivo changes that. you end up recording a bunch of crap that you would probably not otherwise watch.

i love money. why not? we’ve got a tivo. judge greg mathis. of course. we’ve got a tivo. cheaters. what else is my tivo doing at 1:30 a.m.? anything on the cw. tivo says yes.
crack iv, indeed.
of course, the flipside is that in can also free you from tv. instead of having to be sitting down in front of the tv at 7 p.m. on thursday night to watch survivor, i can rest easy in knowing it will be there later. if you call me during survivor, i will still cuss you under my breath, but alas, i can just hit pause and talk ’til we turn blue in the face.
ah yes, the devil’s iv.
ok, gotta run. i need to set up my season pass manager to record the simple life reruns and my super sweet 16.