new kevin max track, take ??

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Saturday, November 15th, 2008

new kevin max track, take ??

a while back, i posted several very rough demos of some tracks from kevin max’s upcoming ep, crashing gates and passing keepers, due out on december 9 (via itunes, with a physical version due out in early ’09).

well, those rough tracks have now been mixed and mastered and if there was ever an example of the night and day difference between mixed tracks and demos, this would be it. i’ve heard pieces of most of the mixed/mastered tracks and they really sound amazing. it’s sort of like when you hear an opening act at a concert and you think they’re really good until the headliner comes out and blows them out of the water.
so, one of the best tracks in my very cursory listens is called the saint of lonely hearts. it’s great lyrics and a really great sound that hearkens back a little to between the fence and the universe with a blend of the imposter. good stuff.

if you want a further glimpse at kevin max’s new ep, he just released an ecard with samples of each of the songs, lyrics, a “making of” video and the album artwork (among other things). here it is:

(p.s. kevin max. rev room. december 9. 8:30 p.m. be there.)