memo to the "i’m cool" cussers: you’re not.

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Thursday, December 11th, 2008

memo to the "i’m cool" cussers: you’re not.

ok, would you all mind if i just rant for a minute? (not that i’ve ever asked permission before…)

thesis (and rant instigator): cussing has become the new smoking…which, of course, is the standard for coolness. you know, like, “hey, i’m really cool…i smoke.” cussing has taken its place. ok, on to the analysis.

let me just start by saying that cussing doesn’t particularly bother me. both from a personal point-of-view and a theological point-of-view. personally, i listen to music with cussing, watch movies/tv with cussing and read things with cussing. now, by all means, there is a certain limit. when people use the “f-word” like it’s the equivalent to “a” or “the” or “an”…that gets a little old. but, all in all, cussing doesn’t really bother me. theologically speaking, i can identify that while i certainly don’t advocate a habit of cussing that is offensive to others (which it is to many, many people), if you say the word ‘damn,’ i’m not ready to help you pack your bags for your direct flight to hell. i believe god has more important matters to deal with than if we use the word ‘hell’ to refer to something other than a place of eternal damnation. i personally choose not to cuss (on a regular, standard basis), but it’s more because it’s not a habit and it’s generally offensive to a broad majority of people (although it certainly is not to many of the people i hang around with…simply for cultural and upbringing reasons).
with that said, i’ve noticed something here lately and it’s the whole, “hey, i’m a christian and the way i’m going to show you how progressive i am and non-fundamentalist i am and how cool i am is by cussing on my blog at least once during each post. it may be unnecessary, but hey, i’m just that cool and hip.” this is driving me nuts. like i said, it’s like if you go to a college campus and you see all the newly independent 18-year olds showing you how adult and cool they are by smoking their cancer sticks. for whatever reason, for many years, that has become the standard of showing people that you’re cool. (by giving yourself cancer and having ashtray breath.)
but now, as smoking has become less and less cool (which is what all the research points to in 18-24 year olds) and socially less acceptable, the new replacement—amongst young, “progressive” christians—is cussing. i read a lot of blogs and many are personal blogs by young (like my age, in other words) progressive christians. there’s the people who don’t have to remind us that they’re cool and then there’s the people who want to assert their “coolness” and their hip progressiveness by saying the words “ass” and “shitty” on a regular basis. i don’t mind if you cuss, but it’s completely obvious the people who do it to show you how cool and “above the law” they are.
you aren’t cool. just talk normal. nobody thinks you’re cool for saying mildly offensive words and shoving it in our face that you’re edgy and hip. you’re not. seriously. go smoke a cigarette and de-stress…maybe it will make you fake cuss less.
ok….i’m done….rant over….