new on the eikon blog: culture, christ & the city

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

new on the eikon blog: culture, christ & the city

quick update: after an almost two week hiatus, i’ve posted a new bit of blog goodness on the eikon temp site titled, so, what exactly is eikon trying to accomplish? go check it out. it gives a little insight into the gears that are powering and motivating what i’m trying to do with eikon.

also, as i begin to talk to more and more people about what we’re doing with eikon church, there’s more and more people i’m realizing i haven’t had time to talk to yet. so, read through the blog posts and see if there’s something that sparks your interest. or, ask me about it when you see me. i’d love to tell you more. there’s only so much you can accomplish with a few goofy posts on a blog (even if they are long-winded…). 🙂

you can find the blog by clicking the link or banner above or by clicking here.