what happened to ryan?

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

what happened to ryan?

on wednesday, february 25th, i posted a blog. that was more than 2 weeks ago. now, as you’ll notice, there are a couple posts since then, but both were sorta slapped up very quickly with little effort. so, how did the guy who averages just over 1 post a day not really blog in 2 weeks?

i thought i would give a quick overview of the last couple weeks in the life of ryan byrd and the fam.

1. most notably, we’ve spent the last 2 weeks in internet purgatory. that’s due to the fact that we moved. for some reason, i never mentioned here on the blog that we were moving. so, there you go. now you know.
we found a great little 3-bedroom house in the quapaw quarter, so a couple weeks ago, we shipped out of capital view and embraced life in the quarter. i wish i had a good picture of the house (and it’s really difficult to see on google maps), but we haven’t had much time between unpacking boxes to even snap a quick pic. we really love our new place and are still wading through literally mounds of boxes.
we just now got back cable and internet, thus the ability to blog tonight.
2. speaking of cable and internet, we’ve had free cable for over a year and a half, so it was with great weeping and gnashing of teeth that we weighed the (expensive) options for tv and internet. after deciding that comcast is the devil and hearing a lot of good things about at&t’s u-verse, we settled on the latter. after a few hours of use, i’m very pleased.
i was a little nervous about ditching the tivo (god rest its soul) and getting the u-verse dvr, but i’m already taking advantage of the ability to record up to 4 shows at once and the ability to watch one show while another’s recording (which wasn’t possible with my series 2 tivo). so, after this very short time, i would already recommend it to others.
3. once again…speaking of cable and internet… i’m far from addicted to tv. in fact, i thought long and hard about if we really even needed to get cable. internet, on the other hand, was a non-negotiable. addiction is definitely not the right words, but let’s just say i’m a fervent purveyor of the ol’ internet… 🙂
so, i thought the break might be good. maybe it would be some sort of catharsis or some kind of spiritual 40 days in the wilderness experience. no…it just sucked. no revelations, no spiritual epiphanies. just sucking. now, it wasn’t that i was sweaty and getting the shakes, but that’s sort of the point. it sucked, but i realized that it wasn’t that big of a deal to me, which is a good thing.
4. we have discovered we have a lot of crap. a lot. a crapload, you might say. christen and i have been married almost 6 years and we’ve accumulated as much stuff as a couple who’s been married 66 years. we just can’t get rid of stuff. we’re pack rats in the worst sense.
for me, it’s the sentimentality of things mixed with the potential that maybe someday we’ll need this green rubber chicken or this box full of 100 leftover wedding invitations. maybe, just maybe, we’ll need those someday. we’re gonna be prepared, people.
so, that’s the basic overview of the last couple weeks. it’s been pretty hectic, but life is settling down, which means back to a little more normalcy and some blog normalcy. so, keep checking back.