facebook promotes sibling love

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

facebook promotes sibling love

ah, the love between a brother and sister. it’s a beautiful thing, especially when it plays itself out for the whole world to see on facebook.

now, i don’t do facebook. it’s just one more thing for me to have to do (although, as a matter of full disclosure, i’ve considered it long and hard simply for networking purposes). christen, though, has done it for a long time and has the facebook iphone app. as with most social networking sites, most of your friends are there for a reason: they’re you’re friends. but then you have that whole other category of friends who maybe just randomly add you or you thought they were interesting or whatever. then you have family. you might not want to add them, but you can’t really get out of it.

so it is with one of christen’s friends on facebook. this family member (who will remain nameless) is able to write things that defy all reason and scope of rationality. if retarded were a language, she would be fluent. 🙂 christen has considered cutting her off as a friend, but because of her patience and perseverance, she came across a comedic diamond in the rough.

when christen came across this particular post, she immediately showed me and i can’t remember the last time i laughed out loud this much. this is pure comedy genius stuff here. the first image you’ll see (on the left) is the post by this person, which, on its own, is pure hilarity. on the right, though, is the thing that took funny and made it hysterical. her brother posted a reply that could only be perfectly delivered from the deep love of a brother. classic…