breaking news: mustaches cure scurvy!!

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Friday, April 17th, 2009

breaking news: mustaches cure scurvy!!

certainly, there are moments of stress here at my place of employment, but in the midst of that, we try to have fun every now and then (people like myself probably have fun a little too much…).

one of the ways we offer a little de-stressing for our employees is via a committee called tweak (i honestly have no idea what tweak means or if it stands for anything…i don’t think anyone really knows…). i’m on the tweak committe and our job is to create monthly events—parties, company outings, giveaways, etc—that lighten the mood around the office.

this month, we’re having a fiesta in honor of ‘national stress awareness month’ (can you feel the excitement??…). i suggested we do it in honor of ‘national ironic mustache awareness month’, but someone keenly pointed out that i just made that up… ok, good point… BUT, there’s no reason our in-house poster to advertise the event can’t bring those two worlds togther. indeed, mustaches do help to relieve stress.

so, i whipped a little something up to hang around our office (11x 17 full color poster). behold:

(click to see larger)