free music: the official beingryanbyrd playlist

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Thursday, July 16th, 2009

free music: the official beingryanbyrd playlist

**UPDATE: some people have experienced freakishly long download times or partial downloads on the original links. so, in addition to the original links, i’ve also posted a couple alternatives. so, if you’ve had trouble try again!!**

wow. almost a week of no blogging. this has been completely unintentional. i’ve just had a brutal week with a pile of stuff to do. so, while i still don’t really have the time to sit and write a proper post (though i have started 2 very good ones in the last several days), i thought i would pop in for a quickie and give away some free stuff.

inspired by a blog i read regularly, i decided to put together a playlist that epitomizes my broad/weird/terrible(?) musical tastes. these aren’t necessarily my favorite songs, but they are fairly representative in a broad sense.
so, i whipped it together and it’s now available for your downloading pleasure. naturally, i couldn’t narrow it down to something manageable, so i split it into 2 albums. here are the track lists:
1. brandi carlile: downpour
2. discover america: call it in the air
3. chris cornell: wide awake
4. kevin max: the imposter’s song
5. gillian welch: my first lover
6. elbow: some riot
7. fiona apple: not about love
8. derek webb: my enemies are men like me
9. keane: lovers are losing
10. sara groves: roll to the middle
11. mute math: stare at the sun
12. don chaffer: leave me alone
13. dixie chicks: voice inside my head
14. ray lamontagne: empty
15. everclear: why i don’t believe in god
16. nickel creek: helena
1. derek webb: what matters more
2. rilo kiley: 15
3. david crowder band: wholly yours
4. sufjan stevens: john wayne gacy, jr.
5. jenny lewis: acid tongue
6. waterdeep: heart attack time machine
7. damien rice: 9 crimes
8. natasha bedingfield: these words
9. the swell season: lies
10. needtobreathe: looks like love
11. amy winehouse: back to black
12. sheryl crow: riverwide
13. kanye: amazing
14. oasis: waiting for the rapture
15. michael jackson: who is it?
16. coldplay: yes
yes, i’m all over the place…so you shouldn’t be bored listening. it’s a little something for everyone. (by the way, it should be noted that the track order isn’t a ranking of my favorites. i literally used a list randomizer to create the order.)
of course, as with all the music i have available here on my site, i encourage you to look further into these artists if you hear something you like. you should, ahem, buy music. it’s good for the artists you.
so, here you go. download away. (p.s. it’s all set up and ready to go for itunes: album art, track numbers, etc.)
original link: disc 1 (129 mb)
**new rapidshare link: disc 1
original link: disc 2 (119 mb)
**new filefactory link: disc 2