our sweet little olive turns 1

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Saturday, November 21st, 2009

our sweet little olive turns 1

one year. wow.

it’s nearly impossible to avoid all the necessary clichés with this type of post. it feels like yesterday… time flies… she’ll be a teenager before you know it. blah blah blah. the reality, though, is that all the clichés are true, really.

it does seem like just yesterday that we were taking off for the hospital at 1:30 in the morning and seeing olive for the first time just a little after 5 a.m. (you can read the overview of those events here). time does fly when you have a sweet little girl that turns 1 without you realizing that even a day or a week has passed. and yes, the reality that she’ll be all grown up very soon sets in when you begin making plans for that first birthday party.

but without dwelling on too many of the overused descriptors, i thought i would offer a few thoughts on our little girl. the number 1 question we’ve gotten over the last year from people is, “is she always like this?” the fact is, olive is one of the sweetest, most content babies you’ll find. she just has a loving, sweet spirit that takes in the world around her without demanding too much attention or care. olive just does olive.

i think she’s going to be patient and strong when she grows up. she’s had to be in order to survive the attacks of big sister. 🙂 lucy can certainly beat up on olive from time to time, but olive continues to love and adore lucy. she looks up to her already and loves to waddle behind her through the house, just waiting for the next unsuspecting pounce.

simply put, olive is beautiful. i know every parent thinks this, but there’s just some spark in olive’s little eyes that makes you melt when she looks at you. whether she’s laughing or crying, olive is a beautiful reminder that she’s a reflection of all of god’s beauty and created perfection.

so, to olive, on her first birthday, i love you. you have made my life more full and complete. life without you is darker and less beautiful. you are a reflection of your beautiful big sister and stunning mother. you remind me to laugh when i don’t feel like laughing and to cry tears of joy in those moments when nothing around me seems joyous. you melt my heart and repair it all at once.

i love you olive. happy birthday.