25 in the 2000s: an introduction

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Saturday, November 28th, 2009

25 in the 2000s: an introduction

the year: 1999. your shopping list: several flash lights, 4 or 5 large packs of batteries, a few cases of bottled water, nonperishable food items, a swiss army knife and several boxes of zombie repellant.

why? y2k, of course.

yes, in 1999, the world prepared itself for the certain meltdown of all that we had previously known as organized civilization. now, we find ourselves in 2009—a decade later—still waiting for the world to come to a screeching halt. while we’re waiting, though, i thought it would be a good time to bask in what has been a great decade: the aughts.

so it is that i bring you my latest blog series that i’m simply calling, 25 in the 2000s, in which i’ll recap 25 items representing the good, bad and the ugly from the past 10 years (2000-2009). an important disclaimer is that this isn’t a best of series. it’s certainly part best of, but it’s more of a hybrid best/my favorite/important series. some of the realities i’ll list will be things that i loved, but, from time to time, i’ll offer insights that i simply did not love, to say the least.

i’ll kick things off tomorrow (sunday) with the first list and it will go throughout the next few weeks. here’s a list of the upcoming lists as currently planned.

1. top religious stories
2. technological innovations
3. sports moments
4. tv shows
5. movies
6. album covers
7. worst bands/artists
8. songs
9. albums
10. things that shaped the aughts

what else?? i’m up for creating some more lists (if i have any kind of knowledge/expertise in the suggested field).

so, be looking out for top religious stories tomorrow (sunday) and the rest to follow in the coming weeks.