surprise! i blogged! -OR- looking for blog suggestions

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Friday, March 26th, 2010

surprise! i blogged! -OR- looking for blog suggestions

in a post reviewing 2008, i crunched a few numbers, revealing that i blogged just over 1 time per day (1.004 times to be precise). for some bloggers, 1 post is nothing. to the average blogger, that’s relatively frequently (in terms of the type of blogging i do). i love to blog and enjoyed the time/ability to frequently post my thoughts and build some interaction.

in 2009, blogging became a little more difficult as my life became more full. we had our second child at the end of 2008 and eikon begin picking up steam in the middle of the year. i don’t think i ever officially did a post/day count for the year, but it’s very safe to say that it is far below 1.004.

now, here we are in 2010. not only did eikon pick up steam, but we kicked off weekly gatherings in february and time is flying by faster than it ever has. post/day count? a whopping 0.224! (that’s a post every 4 1/2 days…).

but that 4 1/2 day number isn’t truly reflective of the reality of the year. why? because, friends, this is my first (and likely only) post of march! it’s march 26! and this is my first post.


i still love to blog. and want to blog. honestly, i have enough thoughts/material to still blog daily, but i simply do not have time to do it. i’m still trying to find a way to balance the desire to blog with the reality of my time.

many people have suggested tumblr, which i’m certainly open to as alternative, but the nature of tumblr simply doesn’t lend itself to the type of blogging i desire to do (long form, thought flow…for better or worse). others have suggested quick “bursts” a couple times a week, but again, it simply, for me, wouldn’t be fulfilling. i guess better than nothing…??

so, what suggestions do you have? i’m open to anything and would love the feedback. so, leave a comment, shoot me an email or hit me on twitter.