one month down: new pictures of max

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

one month down: new pictures of max

better late than never, right?

it’s hard to believe, but tomorrow, july 8, max will be one month old. wow. at the risk of total cliché, time has flown by. it really does seem like yesterday that we were going to the hospital to prepare for his arrival. and now, fast forward a month…and we’re just now taking pictures of him. yes, in the household of a photographer (christen), we’re just now getting around to it. i guess that’s just how it goes at this point…

of course, despite the fact that we attempted to have a proper photo shoot, it sorta devolved into throwing an old comforter on the floor and snapping a few quick pictures while lucy and olive vied for the title of “most able to scratch the living bejesus out of max”. i’m still not sure who gets the crown, but both put forth adequate cases…

so in the end, we literally only ended up with about 4 usable photos. yeah. oh well. nevertheless, the 4 we did get turned out moderately decent. nothing to really write home about, but they’re worth sharing here.

[click on the photo to see a full size version.]

max ryan byrdmax ryan byrdmax ryan byrdmax ryan byrd

ok, there was one of olive that turned out so good, i had to share. tell me this is not one of the prettiest little girls you’ve ever seen. 🙂

olive grace byrd