beautiful noise: 6 songs to help you de-stress

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Friday, August 20th, 2010

beautiful noise: 6 songs to help you de-stress

stressed out bang head here

i don’t get stressed out.

yes, i know, it sounds hyperbolic or based in some kind of strange denial, but i just don’t get stressed out. well, stressed out in the common sense of the phrase, that is.

i’m certainly aware that experiencing some type of response to stress factors is very normal and biologically healthy. i’ve, though, simply never experienced characteristic traits of what most would call being “stressed out”. i don’t lose sleep. i don’t lash out. i don’t get headaches. i don’t get cranky. i don’t have stomach problems. i just don’t experience any sort of biologically/emotionally negative effects.


as stated, i certainly experience times of biological stress. fortunately (for lack of a better word), though, i experience things more like apathy or lethargy, rather than the “bad” responses.

i’ve been in a brief season of stress here lately, with things piled up around me, disallowing for much time to take a breath.

so what do i do when i experiences these seasons? i turn to music.

more specifically, i tend to be particularly tuned into—for lack of a better word—beautiful music. not flowery. not sappy. not just love songs. but music that is simply beautiful. music that feels good in your ears.

in the last couple weeks, i’ve found myself hitting ‘repeat’ on quite a few songs that are just beautiful. they’re a variety of genres and styles, but each of them, in their own way, has some beautiful quality that has kept me coming back over and over.

i’m fully aware that in my times of stress, i’m surrounded by plenty of company. we live in a culture of get-more-done and stress is, sadly, one of the unifying characteristics of millions of people every day.

so, i hope it’s helpful to share my de-stressers.

take a listen. relax. de-stress. enjoy the beauty.

[note: these aren’t all “happy” songs, as much as they’re songs that create a mellow mood. some are pretty sad, quite frankly. proceed with caution. :)]

punch brothers: missy

ray lamontagne: god willin’ & the creek don’t rise

don chaffer: long on diagnosis, short on cure

david gray: kathleen

brandi carlile: that year

lost in the trees: movement II: sketch