listen to the new track, ‘exorcist’ from kevin max

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Friday, October 29th, 2010

listen to the new track, ‘exorcist’ from kevin max

today, via a newly launched (and admittedly atrocious, flash-based) website, kevin max released a new special track for halloween, titled exorcist. long-time fans of max know that halloween—for him—is the near equivalent of yom kippur for jews. ok, that may be a little strong…but only a little. 🙂

the track is good. not great, but good. it’s very cinematic and no doubt, it charismatically nods to halloween (a.k.a. it’s a little over-the-top). in describing the track’s meaning, via his tumblr, max writes,

The song was written as a love song, ‘The Exorcist’ being the person trying to get the negativity in their partner to rise to the surface, and eventually throw it out entirely. It can also be taken literally, in the spiritual sense, an ‘Exorcist’ can be anyone who seeks to help a person with some form of possession be it demonic or otherwise. The Roman Catholic church has sanctioned ‘Exorcism’s’ through time, but the original ‘Exorcist’ was Christ himself-throwing out demons in the name of the Father. I like to look at this song as more of a poem, and when i wrote it, it wasn’t to be taken in literal application, but more of a romantic dalliance between two tortured souls.

so there you go. very kevin max-ish.

without further ado, here’s kevin max’s exorcist: