25 days of christmix :: day 1 :: ‘christmas in hollis’ by run dmc

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Thursday, December 1st, 2011

25 days of christmix :: day 1 :: ‘christmas in hollis’ by run dmc

25 days of christmix

over the last handful of years, i’ve become a little scrooge-like during the christmas season. don’t get me wrong, i love christmas, but the spreading of christmas cheer has been diminishing on my part for quite awhile. [cue rant on commercialism & other hippy-type things…]

it’s time to change that. and there’s no better way than with a little christmas music.

so, i’m embarking on 25 days of christmas music—or what i’m calling my christmix. i’m actually not a big fan of christmas music. in fact, quite frankly, i dislike most of it. which is why i think this will be a fun exercise. over the course of the next 25 days—leading up to christmas day—i’m going to attempt to compile a mix of christmas music that is, well, tolerable (and maybe even good). 🙂

these won’t necessarily be the best christmas songs out there, but they’ll be a mix of songs that will at least break up the same ol’, same ol’ that we get accustomed to every year at this time.

in addition to me posting my selections each day, i’ve excited that i’ve also invited some friends to share their favorite christmas songs. those will be intermixed with mine throughout the next several weeks.

i really hope you enjoy. i know i’ll have fun with it.

so, let’s do it.

first up is something just to get our feet wet and to have a little fun with. and how else better to do that than with rev run, dmc & jam master jay? yes friends, from hollis queens circa 1987 (where they’re probably still cookin’ chicken & collard greens) to your heart here in 2011, this is run dmc with christmas in hollis.

if you have any problems using the audio player above, you can always download the zipped mp3.