the power of graphic design

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Monday, August 11th, 2008

the power of graphic design

first of all, i don’t post this image to say, “this is how i feel about hillary clinton.” i do, as a side note, think that in this stark caricature of sorts, that there’s some powerful truth, but again, that’s not my motivation here.
the reason i post this is that i just randomly came across it on (which is a really cool site that i’ve been meaning to blog about) and i was struck by it immediately. i just think it shows the power of graphic design, particularly in the realm of politics (and religion, for that matter). graphic designers (and media content creators, in general) have an extraordinary ability to shape people’s views and “paint” people in whatever light they so choose. in this case, hillary just happens to be the victim (although obama has caught this quite a bit as well).
here’s a link to the illustrator who created this. he has some really interesting and amazing work.

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