new mute math track

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

new mute math track

for a while now, mute math has been making a serious play for becoming my favorite band…we’ll see how that race shapes up. one of the telling signs will be their highly anticipated follow-up to their self-titled debut. i’ve been really excited about it for a long time and has made its way to the very top of my personal most anticipated list. originally, it was slated to come out in september ’08 and i’m not sure if anybody told you, but it’s november now… so, there’s been no definitive date yet, other than “early ’09.”

in the meantime, though, kids, we’ve got a little teaser in the form of the twilight¬†soundtrack that released today. by all means, i have no plans whatsoever to see the movie, but i got the soundtrack today in order to hear the new mute math track called spotlight.¬†apparently, this track will be on their new album in ’09, but on this soundtrack, it has a different mix.
it sounds incredible and if it’s any indicator of their new music, i’m just as excited as ever. so, here ya go. check it out.

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