24 karat bull.

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

24 karat bull.

it’s story time with uncle ryan. gather round kids.

once upon a time there were a group of people of god who were living in very dire times. the political climate was uncertain. economically, things were tight and religion was a very divisive issue. in the midst of all these crises, instead of putting their faith in god to see them through, the people turned to a golden cow. they gathered round this cow and cast their prayers, hoping that the golden cow would change their political and economic plight.
what is that you say? sounds like the story of the golden calf in exodus 32?
well, kids…
this is the story of…
…october 29, 2008.

wow…seriously? way to go, christians. history repeats itself. quit relying on wall street. while i certainly hope and trust that newly elected president obama will do some things to help change the economic climate, ultimately, my money’s on god.
(*just in case the photo isn’t clear…this is a group of christians who organized a day of prayer for wall street to straighten out and “restore” our “economic hope” in america…)