ted talk: the power of design

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Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

ted talk: the power of design

on a lighter note…here’s a rare mention of graphic design.

while i don’t talk about it a lot on the blog, obviously, graphic design is a large part of my life. i love design and not only think it’s just “cool” or “fun” or whatever, but i think design is a truly powerful thing that can change perceptions and define moments. it can bring people together and tear people apart. it can evoke powerful imagery that shows the best in people and equally show the worst in others.
with all that said, i truly believe when people commit to and invest in good design, it can have unmatched dividends.
i won’t share all the details right now, but for quite some time, i’ve been researching the possibility and pulling together ideas for a unique publication in little rock that would focus on innovative design and art and would hopefully—because of the engaging design—stand out from a crowded market (well, crowded in the broad sense…but i really don’t need to go into any more explanation here…).
anyway, let me just cut to the chase and show you a video someone sent me that illustrates the point. it’s short, so it’s worth the watch if you have any interest in design or newspapers (which, on a sidenote, i must say that i think the fight to save newspapers is of little relevancy or need…not that i think it’s a completely worthless fight… but that’s a whole other conversation. i just think the fight needs to be redirected a little and introduce sweeping “reform” and changes in business/consumer models…ok, getting off track here…) here’s the video:

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