quote of the day: death of emergent?

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Friday, June 5th, 2009

quote of the day: death of emergent?

in the last couple days, the ripples from a blog post by nick fiedler (of the nick & josh podcast) has swept through the emergent blogosphere. his post, titled the great disappointment (a post about emergent) basically expressed his disappointment with returning to the states after spending a significant time traveling abroad and feeling like emergent had somewhat stagnated.

naturally, it stirred up quite the blog responses by the likes of tony jones, julie clawson & makeesha fisher. i was going to jump on the blog response bandwagon (cause, of course, the entire blogosphere has been eagerly anticipating it…), but i thought a quote would do. in tony jones’ response, he basically gave a thoughtful rebuttal that offered a bit of history and he talked about the challenges of starting a full-fledged movement/revolution. in regards to leaders involved with emergent not putting forth the effort to create some kind of global movement, he offered this great quote:
Martin Luther King didn’t coach t-ball; neither did Ghandi. Start a revolution if you want, but that’s not a price that I’m willing to pay.
[you mean mlk and my boy mahatma didn’t like to t-ball it up??]
interesting thoughts about personal callings and personal sacrifice. i’m sure the conversation will continue.

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  1. Morgon77 says:

    Wow. That's…what is Christianity to this guy?

    Having seen the conversation and read what McLaren had to say, their reaction was to leave the church as it was and wait for somebody to start a new one? What were they listening to?

    I don't think that anybody could argue that any of the emerging/emergent leaders have ever argued against reform from within the church. The entire point, I think, was to straighten where the church was/is going, and I think it's quite evident that the institutional church, at least here in America, is choking. It's become an Ageist/cultural icon deal.

    This kid…rather than gripe about what other people were or weren't doing, needed to get involved in change and do something himself to serve his Lord, and see how that changed his perspective so that he could contribute, rather than griping about how the work hadn't been done for him.

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