zack attack: jimmy fallon talks reunion with our favorite preppy

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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

zack attack: jimmy fallon talks reunion with our favorite preppy

if there’s a person in their late 20’s/early 30’s who can flip by tbs between 7 and 8 a.m. every morning and not stop, i can only imagine they were either kept in a shed sans t.v. throughout their childhood or they were dropped from outer space to earth circa ’95. why? because, of course, as you faithful blog readers surely know, saved by the bell is still living on thanks to the always classy tbs.

so, it’s with this piece of preface that i must share with great joy that, thanks to i-really-don’t-understand-why-everybody-thinks-he’s-funny jimmy fallon, it looks as if the old bayside gang will be getting together again soon. so far, as you’ll see in the video, zack, jessi, slater, lisa & belding have all committed. the holdouts (of course) are kelly and screech (i’m sure screech is way too busy with his homemade porn career or storming out of a taping of celebrity fit club…).

even if it’s a quick on-stage appearance, i would be pleased with a reunion. of course, there are some wishes i would have from a reunion. here’s what we can hope for:

1. i think we need some sort of awkward open mouth and/or french kiss between kelly kapowski and some cast member. obviously, it should be zack, but i’m not going to be too picky.

2. i would really like rod, mr. belding’s brother, to show back up and finally take the gang on that white water rafting trip he promised them. i mean, he really left them hanging.

3. i think it’s only fair for the people who were the actual voices of zack attack to make an appearance. it’s sort of like that video of the real milli vanilli singers where you saw them and it really tore down the lip-synch veil. we need to see those people.

4. look, if slater wants to play it all cool like he’s all mario lopez or whatever and not grow out the slater mullet, there’s gonna be some angry fans, including yours truly. slater doesn’t look all svelte and trimmed. he’s beefy and he’s mullety (and he’s second place in our hearts to zack).

5. there needs to be at least one awkward reference to tori, who was mysteriously around for only 10 episodes. her, her leather jacket and her sorta creepy butch man-voice need to honored, if only with awkward and confusing silence.

6. we need a guest appearance by ox. remember ox? you know, the idiot big jock guy. i feel like he never really got his props. according to the crack staff at imdb, he starred in such classics as who’s the boss, married with children and just the ten of us. in other words, he’s kind of a big deal. so, he needs at least a shout-out.

7. finally, please bring back brandon tartikoff for one final drug awareness commercial. as well all know: there’s no hope with dope?? enough said.

alright, on to the video from last night.