a warm fuzzy message from father driscoll: god hates you.

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

a warm fuzzy message from father driscoll: god hates you.

mark driscoll mars hill church

unless you’ve been hiding from the internet over the last 24 hours (or you don’t give a rat’s about this type of story), you’ve probably watched or seen reference to a new video of mark driscoll (and yes, that website is real life…) preaching at mars hill.

in a nutshell, our favorite protector of truth and all around swell guy, pastor mark, informs his congregation, his legions of devoted followers and the rest of the world (thanks to something we call the interwebs) that all this “god is love” talk is a bunch of hooey. yes, i (and, apparently he) realizes that 1 john 4:8 literally says that, but it obviously can’t be trusted because it sounds like that hippy, limp-wristed jesus that you keep hearing about.

the truth (and i quote, “it’s my job to tell you the truth and your job is to make a decision.”), we learn, is that




yep, that’s it. that’s what he lets us know. over and over. in every conceivable way he can muster it.

quite frankly, i’m not going to offer much commentary or deconstruction of his comments. plenty of others have done that already. i don’t think i need to. i hope that the video is enough commentary in and of itself.

for a very long time, mark driscoll has said things that were, at minimum, incredibly frustrating. i’ve been hopeful that people will begin to see that many (but certainly not all, in fairness) of his theologies are harmful and a distortion of the way of jesus and the nature of god. this time, though, my response is greater than frustration. it’s nearly anger. why such a strong response? because i can’t tell you how many people i’ve met that have accepted the lie—because of some event or person or teaching in their life—that they are hated by god. because of that, and for good reason, the way of jesus simply isn’t a viable option. quite frankly, a god who hates isn’t worth serving. and a god of hate creates a series of biblical contradictions that just aren’t worth parsing through (in fact you might start being tempted to do original language study and pastor mark doesn’t like that: “You can find a Christian on the run when they start doing word studies”).

so, you can watch the video. maybe i’m overreacting. maybe he’s spot on. but i think you’ll see that “pastor mark” has crossed a line that i didn’t think he’d cross.

p.s. this is a tweet by my friend kim that i’ve been trying to remember since watching this video yesterday afternoon:

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  1. Pat says:

    Someone referred to this by Driscoll, on Facebook, but he never provided the link. He quoted the part about a Christian doing a word study is on the run. Now that I have found it, I’m appalled. This man speaks to 10,000 every week, just in his auditorium. I live in the Seattle area, so I am well aware of him. But I didn’t know it was this bad! God hates some of his own congregation??? Why do they come and listen? oh, wait, I know. Sheep.

    This is right up there with Creflo Dollar saying if you don’t tithe, you should be shot….

    There. I feel better. :].

  2. serrevin says:

    well there are numerous passages in scripture that speak of God hating sinners. and not just in the sense of loved less. but actual hatred. so if you say a god who hates isn’t worthy of worship, you’re confessing that the god of the bible isn’t worthy of worship. you should repent and take god for who he is instead of who you want him to be.

  3. I’m curious with how you handle Romans 9: “Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated”. I’m honestly wrestling through that passage now and would love your insight.

  4. Paige Linden says:

    Just for Mark, I did a word study on his claim that “the wrath of God” is mentioned over 600 times in the New and Old testaments combined… If you JUST go through the lexicon of Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic root words that have ‘wrath’ as a possible defining word, I can see how you could get to 600+. BUT. If you discount all of the times the root words DO NOT mean anything close to wrath in some form, you’re only somewhere in the 200’s. I counted. Liberally. I was lenient with which the ones I counted and very hard pressed not to discount ones I wasn’t completely sold on… No where near his figures. Now, I’m not “on the run” as Driscoll claimed people who do word studies are. I think understanding the texts as close to their original forms is important… It’s unfortunate he clearly doesn’t agree and is okay with using gross over-estimates as fact.

    • Joshua LaPoint says:

      I have studied biblical exegesis myself and I am very impressed with you actually digging into the scriptures for a more original meaning. Of course God hates evil but he cannot be so easily summed up. All through the Bible it is said that no one can define God or understand him. He is beyond anything we can tell. Isaiah 40 says that God is patient and has understanding we cannot fathom… He has a plan. He sees the interwoven web of the universe and of our lives. He knows what comes and what goes and what is and what will no longer be. He holds the world in the palm of his hand and yet, while we were yet sinners God sent his only son to die for us. That is not an act of hate or even Justice. It is an act of love. Justice would have our souls in hell and hate would have the same. No, although God hates evil, I believe he does not simply allow people to die without opportunity to accept him and I do not believe he is calloused about death. One who knows each sparrow that falls dead from a tree would not let a sinner pass into judgment without waging a serious war over his/her soul.

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