stay classy, g.i. joe

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Saturday, October 25th, 2008

stay classy, g.i. joe

let me begin by saying that my grandma is awesome. she’s awesome in the sense that’s she’s a great grandma and i love her, but she’s also awesome in the following sense: you know when you see a piece of clothing or some product in the store and you wonder, ‘who the heck buys this crap?’…yeah, it’s my grandma who buys that.

she’s that¬†kind of awesome.
my grandma’s house is quite the collection of awesomeness. she’s got the glued-on seashell wallpaper in the bathroom. there’s the assorted collection of talking/singing seasonal dolls (santa, easter bunnies, what have you…). this isn’t even to go into the wardrobe element with puff paint sweatshirts and bedazzled jean jackets… what can i say but classy.
the other day we were there and there was something that trumped all of the aforementioned things. ladies and gentlemen, i present to you: this.

that’s right. g.i. joe. crocheted tuxedo. again, that’s g.i. joe with a crocheted tuxedo.
like i’ve said many times before, when you mix a little classy with a dash of fancy, you get awesome.
this little gem sits on my grandma’s bedroom dresser. keep in mind, there’s no context for our friend tuxedo joe (as i like to call him). there’s a jewelry box, a clock, other assorted typical dresser items…and then g.i. joe in a crocheted tuxedo.
pause. let this soak in.
it’s g.i. joe. in a tuxedo.
oh, i’m sorry: a crocheted¬†tuxedo.
alright, so just let that marinate with you for awhile. i’m giving the awesome, classy, dresser paraphanelia shout-out to my grandma on this one here. keep it up, grandma! just one of the many reasons i love you!