who knew ’73 was so fancy?

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Monday, October 27th, 2008

who knew ’73 was so fancy?

the classiness continues

today, christen and i went and looked at a house and subsequently, i had to run over to the realtor’s office. christen had already been there and had told me warned me about the time warp that was their office.

my wife is a truth-teller indeed.
it was like i stepped into sort of a dirty version of anchorman. i’m surprised everyone wasn’t sitting around smoking and drinking scotch all while talking about the unfortunate influx of “lady” realtors. here’s the office checklist:
  1. wood panel walls (obviously)
  2. crooked 1994 calendar on wall dangling by a single thumbtack
  3. receptionist: red lipstick. bleached, permed hair. old school black telephone held between shoulder and cheek. dr. scholl’s medical shoes. nail file scraping. gum smacking.
  4. clearly gay realtor living in don’t ask, don’t tell land
  5. 5 people in the office. 6 mustaches. (not sure how that math even works out…)
  6. class of ’74 oval cutout plaque thingy (you know…the thing with every senior’s picture in a little oval cutout…)
  7. the smell of old man and closet
  8. _____________ (other) (this is where you can fill in the blank with anything else that you would assume would be present in ’73…because it was most definitely there).
yeah, it was that awesome.
my favorite thing of the whole experience was the text i sent christen as i was leaving. and i quote:
wow…i had no idea 1973 was so fancy…
stay classy, little rock.