happy birthday, olive!

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Sunday, December 21st, 2008

happy birthday, olive!

ok…that’s if you count months as birthday opportunities…which, of course, we do. so…happy birthday, olive!

today, i can’t believe it, but olive is 1 month old. just four(ish) shorts weeks ago, olive came into the world and we already can’t remember what life was like without her.

now, i’m not going to be sappy, cry-er dad here (which would be typical…), but i just wanted to take a minute to put it out here that i am the father to the most beautiful little girls in the world. lucy has gotten unimaginably smarter and more beautiful than what we could have foreseen. olive is an amazingly happy baby who loves to look around and just take in the world. and, for all you sleep-deprived parents out there, you may just want to quit reading now…because when i drop it on you that, at 1 month, olive is already pretty much sleeping through the night, you’re going to fall into a frenzy of depression and spiraling anger… 🙂 yeah, it’s true. she’s that good of a baby. she sleeps, she eats, she steals thing (oh wait, i’m sorry…i’m suddenly channeling jason mraz’s latest album title…).
anyway, i could go on and on, but i just wanted to say happy (1-month) birthday to olive and express how deeply i love her and am thankful for her.
here’s a picture christen shot the other night that proves the point that olive has mastered the art of sleeping (what a lazy b…)… 🙂