WARNING: gratuitous proud poop pictures ahead. :)

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008

WARNING: gratuitous proud poop pictures ahead. :)

to emphasis the “WARNING” part of the title, i’m just gonna keep it real and say that i’m about to drop a serious pooping story on you. if you are gagging just reading the word, “pooping”, then you may want to call it quits now. 🙂
with that said…

file this blog post under two categories:

1. only a parent would actually be excited about something this, or
2. embarrassing pictures just waiting for lucy to bring a boy over for the first time
ok, let me set the stage. lucy is 19 months old. while there’s no “standard” age to start potty-training, we have been considering starting to try in the last couple months. lucy has started to point to her butt or her crotch when she has used the bathroom and say “pee,” which is her go-to word for either pee or poop. whatever works for her… there’s been a couple times that’s she actually sorta tried to tell us before going, but it’s usually approximately 1 nanosecond before filling up her diaper.
in the midst of all this, she has started showing some interest in sitting on the toilet. we haven’t made the step to actually buy a little toilet (i’m not a fanny of the word “potty,” by the way…) for her, so she’s just wanted to sit on the normal toilet. one day we actually let her and she did this hilarious grunting thing, but nothing decided to southward exit.
well, today everything changed. 🙂 lucy indicated that she needed to drop the cosby kids off (which she had already done in the ol’ diaper), but she still demanded to sit on the toilet. thus came her obligatory grunting and then, PLOP!…out came theo (or maybe it was denise…)!
yes, ladies and gentlemen, poop has occurred. or, as the forrest gump let us all know “poop” happens. and it did in said bathroom experience.
obviously, as a couple proud parents would do, we scurried to grab a camera and my iphone seemed handy at the time. so, we’ve got a couple on the pot pics for your viewing pleasure today. here you go: feast your eyes upon lucy, the tiny pooper (as i have so dubbed her…).

now, go get you some milk duds or grab a snickers or something and ponder the reality that is my daughter pooping on the toilet for the first time…

(and yes, by the way, we do have a classy faux wooden toilet seat…if you have a problem with that, it’s probably because you’re feeling inadequate about your plain, non-classy toilet seat cover…)