2008 in review: it’s in the numbers

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Thursday, January 8th, 2009

2008 in review: it’s in the numbers

ok, i know it’s more than a week into 2009, but i’ve been meaning to post this blog since the first couple days of the new year. so, just humor me here people. (by the way, the idea of this post came from rob and you can check his 2008 in numbers here.)

5: years of marriage

5: years to further confirm how much i love christen
1: year old is how old lucy turned in may (wow…)
1: kid to start the year
2: kids to end the year
5: days before her due date that olive arrived
3: inches away from lucy being inducted into the 2-foot head club (circumference)…

224: blog posts
1.004: posts per day (started may 20)
1: time i edited a post
10: blogs about barack obama
10: times i put off a certain segment of my readership
53: posts under the category of “music” (most of any)
17: unique visitors in may
1,000: (on the dot) unique visitors in december
226: twitter updates
5.79: tweets a day (started dec. 1)

170: new (to me) albums
3.26: albums per week
75: % of the albums i listened to maybe once or never
855: albums in itunes library
26.4: days of continuous music in itunes
18: days before getting an iphone

18: days spent in the technological wilderness waiting to get an iphone
171: apps downloaded onto my iphone
3.28: apps per day
112: apps currently on my iphone
9: apps i actually regularly use
18: shows on season pass on tivo
60: movies watched from blockbuster
1.5: movies per week

25: pounds lost during tonsillectomy recovery
30: pounds gained after recovery
30: days (give or take) i spent at track before quitting
2: years in a row without a wreck (there’s my official jinx…)
10: year high school reunion
0: people who have changed whatsoever from high school
5: western shirts purchased

5: times christen rolled her eyes after purchasing said western shirts
3: (maybe 4) days i’ve not worn sandals