mute math on jay leno

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Sunday, January 18th, 2009

mute math on jay leno

as many long time blog readers may know, i’m a huge mute math fan. they have an incomparable sound and an unparalleled live show (alternative press named them the “#1 band you must see live before you die”…pretty sufficient endorsement, i’d say…). i saw them a couple years ago in san diego opening for mae and while mae is an incredible live act as well, i think everyone in attendance knew who the headliner was that night.

well, the other night mute math was on leno and while they’re great no matter what, their hand full of late night performances do them little justice. nevertheless, it’s still mute math. some kind soul uploaded their performance in hd to youtube (thank god we’re moving away from those embarrassingly crappy lo-res videos…which is a whole other blog post…) and i thought i would share it here.