the venn master

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Thursday, May 14th, 2009

the venn master

that’s right people, you read it correctly: fun with diagrams! i mean, who doesn’t express joy through random venn diagrams?? here’s a visual of what i’m talking about:

today i had a funny conversation about the purpose of p.o. boxes. seriously, i’ve always wondered why people have p.o. boxes. i mean, you have a home with a mailbox, so all a p.o. box does is make you have to make a trip to the post office, which may be one of the deeper levels of hell. so, i got in a conversation with a friend about said topic when i discovered she has a p.o. box. in the end, she said exactly what i’ve thought for years: people have p.o. boxes for generally shady purposes. 🙂
so, i thought the relationship to p.o. boxes and shady activity could best be expressed with a venn diagram. here’s what i came up with:

of course, the excitement associated with chart-making spreads like wildfire, so i thought i would take a stab at one final venn diagram. naturally, when i think of fun times and diagrams, i instantly think: carnies!

so there ya go. i hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip down diagram lane. i encourage you all to go express your inner joy by creating your own venn diagram.