mute math announces new album armistice, releases new track ‘the nerve’

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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

mute math announces new album armistice, releases new track ‘the nerve’

today on twitter (amongst other places), mute math announced both the name and release date of their highly anticipated new album. on august 18, 2009, they will release armistice. so, the wait will be over very, very soon. it’s been almost 4 years since the original release of their first and only full length album, mute math.

along with the announcement, they released the album artwork and on their website (and myspace page), their new track, the nerve can be streamed in its entirety.
the artwork is pretty amazing. here it is:

the supposed track listing for armistice was leaked today (although these aren’t always reliable). i found it at music news net and here’s what they have reported:

1. The Nerve
2. Backfire
3. Clipping
4. Spotlight
5. No Response
6. Pins and Needles
7. Goodbye
8. Odds
9. Electrify
10. Armistice
11. The Lost Year
12. Burden

finally, the newly released track, the nerve, is pretty incredible. it shows a big progression for mute math, while still keeping their trademark sound. the nerve is pretty aggressive sounding, so to speak, and somewhat frenetic. having seen mute math in concert, it certainly seems to make for a great fit for their equally frenetic live show.

without further ado, here’s the new track, the nerve:

mute math: the nerve