bob dylan, watchmen and the art of juxtaposition

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Monday, August 3rd, 2009

bob dylan, watchmen and the art of juxtaposition

over the last couple nights (due to my old-man-falling-asleep proclivity), we finally decided to watch watchmen. much like others, we were intrigued by the incredible trailer, not so much for the movie itself but for the incredible use of the smashing pumpkins’ the beginning is the end is the beginning.

while we didn’t necessarily have too much of a desire to see it in the theater, we finally did get around to watching it at home. all in all, the movie was decent, but what most struck me was—much like the trailer—the use of music. specifically, the movie used a lot of musical juxtaposition. in just the first 10 minutes, there were two great examples. in the opening scene, one of the watchmen is murdered very violently. as the fight scene and subsequent murder occurs, nat king cole’s beautiful unforgettable eerily plays. it was a striking scene.

the other one is the opening title credits. as the viewer receives a visual history that sets up the entire premise of the movie, bob dylan’s the times they are a changin’ narrates the scenes. on one hand, you have this very graphic and sometimes violent imagery juxtaposed with the folk anthem of hope by dylan. in its gritty rawness, it struck me as very beautiful.

so, this isn’t the typical kind of thing i put up, but i thought i’d share the opening scene here.