jennifer knapp, the amazing disappearing woman, set for a comeback

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Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

jennifer knapp, the amazing disappearing woman, set for a comeback

jennifer knapp

last week, I posted news about derek webb’s announcement that the original members of caedmon’s call have been writing and recording a new album (which is tentatively set to release some time in 2010). now, another late-90’s breakout christian musician has re-entered the conversation: jennifer knapp.

jennifer knapp released the critically aclaimed, kansas in 1998, ushering in a new sound that blended intelligent pop/rock, understated acoustic sensibilities & introspective songwriting. with kansas—as well as 2000’s lay it down & 2001’s the way I am—jennifer knapp became one of the standout artists in a very crowded pack of christian music sound-a-likes.

but just as quickly as knapp’s star rose, it mysteriously faded away. in 2004, citing a loss of passion from a constant cycle of writing and touring, jennifer knapp—without hints about future recording—disappeared. while her label, gotee, kept her in their lineup on the website, there has been no trace of her existence. while there’s been a grey loud of rumors floating around online pupoeting that she’s a lesbian or moved to australia or practicing spinning plates in a traveling circus (ok, so I made that one up…), there’s just literally been no sign or reports of her existence for over 5 years.

until now.

just as mysteriously as she disappeared, fans noticed last week that her website & myspace (yes, some people still have those…) have been updated and a concert date has been posted (she opens for phillip larue on september 24 in los angeles). with no explanation of her re-emergence or indication of a new album in the works, these updates have served as yet another piece of the puzzle for fans.

in the midst of this curiousity, though, patrol magazine has reported that her management has confirmed that she is “starting to write and record again” and there are “no major plans” to announce at the moment. thanks management for clearing that right up… 🙂

so, we’ll see what happens. I’m really looking forward to hearing sone new stuff from her. whether you want to call it christian music or just plain music, she consistently delivered great, introspective, intelligent music. it’s time for more of that.

in case you don’t know her music, here’s my favorite song of hers off kansas: martyrs & thieves.