has low self esteem, receives a facelift

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Saturday, October 24th, 2009 has low self esteem, receives a facelift

it was just time. really.

i redesigned this website last december/january and i had just gotten really tired of staring at all the heavy colors and overworked design. so, here you have it: the newly redesigned!

some of the changes are very obvious, while some are not-so-obvious. here’s a quick list of changes for your perusing pleasure.

1. captain obvious here: just thought i’d point out that the overall design has been changed: new header, new background, several design tweaks in the realm of css
2. much of the sidebar remains unchanged but a couple things there: first, i’ve added a list of links after ditching my links page. it begins with friends/family then moves to notable theology blogs i regularly read and wraps up with other sites of interest to me. second, you’ll find a prettier, tidier archives drop down menu. you can peruse throughout the last year and a half of the website there.
3. i’ve changed each blog post into a summary, rather than viewing the entirety of posts when the page loads. this should help with load time and allows you, the reader, to be more choosy in what you read and what you don’t.
4. you’ll notice a new slate of menu options. most notably, mixday and track5 have been added (whereas links has been axed). i’ll spend a lot more time very soon (hopefully) talking about track5 (which i’m very excited about), but mixday is basically the online repository for the newly launched ABPG #MixDay that i’m curating. each friday, you’ll find a couple new downloadable mixtapes from my coworkers. should be a lot of fun.

alright, i think those are the notable changes. so, look around and i’d love to have your feedback and if you encounter any bugs.

happy browsing.