a solution to the little rock homeless problem: let them die

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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

a solution to the little rock homeless problem: let them die

on any given day, there are thousands of people living in the streets of little rock. we have to walk by them. we have to hear them ask for money. we have to cross to the other side of the street when we see them ahead. we have to feel guilty when we drive by in our hard-earned suv.

it’s a real problem.

so, i’m offering a solution: let them die.

any time i have a situation where keen problem-solving is required, i like to try to create solutions that are realistic. this one certainly is.

letting homeless people die. it seems to be working so far. certainly, there are some people aiding them by giving a few cents when asked and others who run shelters to help to keep them alive, but for the most part, this solution is already being enacted.

ok, ok…maybe you’re right. my solution does seem a little harsh. but it also seems effective, right. zero homeless people living = zero homeless problem.

we’re in good luck because we’re entering a season in which this solution could be expedited. mother nature calls it winter. it’s cold. it’s rainy. and if we’re lucky, it’s snowy. not to mention that suicide rates are the highest during the holiday months due to depression. so, all the pieces are here for a real problem-solver.

now, there are some of you already preparing to fight this solution and actually try to help homeless people. you guys are making it difficult for us hard-working, proud, god-fearing home-dwellers.

in fact, there is one particular person and group who is actively seeking to destroy my effective and unifying effort by creating a counter-assault. her name is libby delay and not only is she part of the eikon church community (who is consistently up to no-good…), but she’s a part of the soar network, a comprehensive network dedicated to improving the quality of life of the homeless of central arkansas. as you might guess, this organization is a real buzzkill to my idea…

libby is heading up an organization within the soar network called warm spaces. in essence, what this group is trying to create is a network of churches and businesses who can provide 90 days/nights (december through february) of spaces where the homeless can sleep and escape the cold of the winter. they’re hoping to kick off december 1, so they’re actively seeking people to offer their spaces for use. in addition to spaces, volunteers will are needed to stay overnight, help with security checks and be of general assistance.

if you want to see for yourself how ridiculous this is, here’s a clip of libby being interviewed on thv’s this morning:

as you can see, this is a bunch of hooey.

so, join with us in letting homeless people die.

it’s only a matter of time, really.