listen to the new track, ‘unholy triad’ from kevin max’s forthcoming, ‘cotes d’armor’

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Friday, June 18th, 2010

listen to the new track, ‘unholy triad’ from kevin max’s forthcoming, ‘cotes d’armor’

several weeks ago, i posted the latest track, on yer bike! from one of my favorite artists, kevin max. the new track was the debut release from the august 24th-slated album, cotes d’armor, a part remix, part new original offering from the once-famed dc talk frontman. yesterday, he released a new track.

kevin max cotes d'armorthe track, unholy triad was described as a “dark phil collins-sounding tune” by max himself (before that scares you away, imagine that statement in the best possible light). i wouldn’t say that kevin max has ever been derivative in the truest sense of the word, but no doubt, his influences have shown through throughout most of his career. he’s a big 80s pop/new wave/synth fan and the new material has displayed his affection relatively clearly.

i’m still not entirely sure what to expect from the album (you can hear clips of a sampling of tracks here). it began as a remix project—which is never too promising—but quickly began to flesh out with a handful of new music. this particular track (as well as the aforementioned on yer bike!) have offered quite a bit of hope for the full length project. while it certainly doesn’t hearken the types of feelings i had about his music over the last 10 years, it’s still creative music that marks another progression in his career.

so, until cotes d’armor drops in late august, enjoy the latest single, unholy triad: