listen to lissie cover metallica’s ‘nothing else matters’ and download ‘live sessions’

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Friday, August 6th, 2010

listen to lissie cover metallica’s ‘nothing else matters’ and download ‘live sessions’

lissie catching a tiger live sessions

as i’ve said before, i devour a lot of music. because of that, it’s rare for a new artist to really sneak up and surprise me with how great it is. over the last couple months, an artist has done just that: lissie.

several weeks ago, i took a look at my favorite albums of 2010 so far and her debut release, catching a tiger, managed to steal the #4 spot. that’s no small feat when she’s keeping company with the likes of the punch brothers, jakob dylan and the black keys, to name a few. we’ll see how her album shakes out on my year-end review.

beyond her recordings, she’s become known as a great performer. after hitting the festival circuit this summer, she’s created quite a bit of buzz for very good reason. i came across some live recordings she’s done that are amazing. whereas she’s done live versions of some of the tracks from the album (which are great), the highlights are a couple covers. in addition to the surprisingly good cover of bad romance by lady gaga (or lady gag gag…), she’s done an amazing cover of metallica’s nothing else matters from 1991’s self-titled masterpiece. trust me on this. it’s amazing.

you can do a couple things. you can check out a video of her performing nothing else matters and i’m also including a zipped file of a collection i’ve created of these “live sessions” (which are all high-quality recordings…as opposed to crappy concert recordings). here’s the video:

and here’s the zipped file for download: click here.