beach blogging: in memory of the mitch

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Thursday, September 16th, 2010

beach blogging: in memory of the mitch

as you may know, i’m currently sitting in a beach house just 50 yards north of the beautiful white sands of panama city beach, florida. yes, it’s beautiful. yes, it’s amazing. yes, it’s all that stuff and more.

we headed out late sunday night and just before we hit the road, i tweeted the following:

aaaaand…we’re off to florida. we’re dedicating this trip to rob. why? bc despite our utter brokeness, we’re forging ahead to the beach. 🙂less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

most of you know rob, either in real life or from my many blog posts/tweets/stories i’ve shared about him. fittingly, the above tweet was posted just hours before the 7-month anniversary of his death. even more fittingly—as the tweet suggests—we spent the 7-month anniversary at the beach.

one of rob’s favorite places in the world was the beach. and yes, despite the fact that he might have 74¢ in the bank, when rob had the opportunity to visit the beach, he did it.

one such time was just over 3 years ago when christen and i went with rob and stephanie to seaside, florida. we had an incredible time and while we were there, rob and i thought we’d take the opportunity to shoot a little video down on the beach. what came out of that impromptu, non-scripted effort was one of the most hilarious things i’ve ever been involved with (ok, so i just held the camera…).

the mitch was born and it only seems fitting that i once again share it with you all.

by the way, you can find this and another video we shot over on rob’s memorial facebook page. go join the group, read about how much people love rob and leave a comment!