perfect weather to fly: my little rock aerial photos

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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

perfect weather to fly: my little rock aerial photos

ok, before you go any further, stop reading and go immediately purchase elbow’sthe seldom seen kid. here, i’ll give you the itunes link. ok, got it? now skip to track 6, weather to fly. ah yes, good, right? ok, now proceed with the remainder of this blog post.

indeed, yesterday, there was perfect weather to fly and i had the opportunity to test the skies over little rock. i’m currently art directing a special project at work (i’m not sure how much i’m at privilege to talk about it yet, so i’ll just stick with “special project”). it should be a really cool book when we get done and yesterday, we shot the cover. so, i went up in a helicopter with the pilot and the photographer and had a chance to see little rock in a whole new light.

while i was up there, naturally, i decided to snap a few of my own photos. with my trusty iphone in tow (because, you know, i do that kind of thing…), i got some decent pictures that i thought i’d share with you. by no means are these mind-blowing or something you’ve never seen before, but they turned out pretty cool and offer a view of little rock that few people get. so, enjoy.