10 spot: outkast

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Friday, April 6th, 2012

10 spot outkast

10 spot: outkast

10 spot outkast

i recently began a new blog series called ’10 spot’ in which i’d be crafting lists of the top 10 songs from artists of my choosing. here’s a little back story about how this began from my original post:

several weeks ago, my friend bryan stormed (when large men walk briskly, the term “stormed” is usually appropriateā€¦) into my office and laid down a musical challenge: “top 10 black keys songs by the end of the day. go!”.

so, throughout the course of the day, i whittled down my original off-the-top-of-my-head list of about 32 to my final 10. at the end of the day, we compared and contrasted our lists. (bryan’s is here.)

and, of course, good times were had by all.

but why would a list nerd like myself let a one-day musical list-making challenge go to waste? why not keep it going?

so, i kicked off the series with my 10 spots for the black keys and kanye west. both generated some good feedback and i think today’s artist, outkast, could do the same.

my favorite outkast album is 1996’s atliens, but it only managed a couple individual tracks on this list. there’s so many great outkast songs from throughout their entire catalogue that it posed a serious challenge in whittling it down to 10. so, here’s my list:

10. two dope boyz (in a cadillac) (atliens)
9. roses (speakerboxx/the love below)
8. hey ya (speakerboxx/the love below)
7. the whole world (ft. killer mike) (big boi and dre presentā€¦outkast)
6. rosa parks (aquemini)
5. gasoline dreams (ft. goodie mob) (stankonia)
4. so fresh, so clean (stankonia)
3. babylon (atliens)
2. skew it on the bar-b (ft. raekwon) (aquemini)
1. b.o.b. (stankonia)

let me know what i missed. or what i got completely wrong.

if you’d like to download this mix, you can do so here:

// download the .zip //