the unseen monster: walter white serenades us with a haunting warning

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Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

breaking bad walter white

the unseen monster: walter white serenades us with a haunting warning

the scariest kind of monster isn’t the one you see. rather, it’s the one you cannot see.

so it is with the latest teaser for the final 8 episodes of breaking bad.

the evolution of the mr. chips-like walter white into the scarface-channeling heisenberg has been well documented, but few things have tapped into the chilling remnant of a person that exists quite like this teaser.

in the promo, walter white recites ozymandiaspercy bysshe shelley’s famous early 19th century sonnet. hearing only his voice, rather than seeing his character, the delivery is chilling. indeed, the unseen monster is most frightening.

the teaser offers some keen insight into the direction of the forthcoming final episodes. ozymandias serves as a warning to those who build empires, assuming their work will live on. shelley reminds us that all empires eventually crumble, leaving behind only the “decay of that colossal work”. might that be the formula for the end of walter white’s empire?

around this time last year, i offered up predictions for the first half of season 5. i managed to get most of those correct and i plan on attempting to do the same thing before the final 8 episodes begin (on august 11). this teaser will certainly aid in my predictions.

so, check out the teaser and get ready for the final breaking bad countdown.