two in review: march/april 2016

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Friday, April 29th, 2016

two in review: mar/apr 2016

two in review: march/april 2016

ladies and gents, itโ€™s time once again for another installment of two in review. i suspect this post will be a bit lighter than yesterday’s post. ๐Ÿ˜‰

it’s been a particularly plentiful couple months of really good new music. this was one of those times where several good tracks had to hit the cutting room floor. and unlike a couple recents editions of two in review, there’s a good selection of stuff from across a wide array of genres, so there’s a little bit of something for everybody.

without further ado, here’s the lineup for the march/april edition of two in review:

    1. garbage: empty [from strange little birds]
    2. lucius: something about you [from good grief]
    3. ray lamontagne: the changing man [from ourobouros]
    4. andrew bird: left handed kisses (ft. fiona apple) [from are you serious]
    5. gallant: weight in gold [from ology]
    6. kevin max: phantoms of terra [from playing games with the shadow]
    7. sam beam & jesca hoop: chalk it up to chi [from love letter for fire]
    8. sean watkins: what to fear [from what to fear]
    9. wild belle: it was you (baby come back to me) [from dreamland]
    10. miike snow: heart is full (remix) (ft. run the jewels) [from iiii]
    11. frightened rabbit: woke up hurting [from painting of a panic attack]
    12. steven page: the work at hand [from heal thyself pt. 1: instinct]
    13. beyonce: freedom (ft. kendrick lamar) [from lemonade]
    14. gwen stefani: where would i be? [from this is what the truth looks like]
    15. sturgill simpson: brace for impact (live a little) [from a sailor’s guide to earth]
    16. sara watkins: move me [from young in all the wrong ways]
    17. matt and kim: let’s run away [from we were the weirdos]
    18. yuri beats: legend (holy shit) (drake x father john misty) [unofficially released]
    19. the moth & the flame: young & unafraid [from youn & unafraid]
    20. autre ne veut: little red corvette [unofficially released]

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