god is not a white man

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

god is not a white man

well, i don’t think this post/video will be nearly as provocative as the title suggests. although, it is certainly the content of said post/video.

the michael gungor band—who, quite honestly, i know very little about—has released a video for a song called white man. in it, they declare, in fact, that god isn’t a white man. neither is he an old man or even a man. they go on to make various declarations concerning god.
no doubt, this thing is kind of corny and one could argue in affirmation of it being fairly cheesy, but i think it’s a funny way to make some absolutely valid points about the nature of god and how we view god within the church.
so, i thought i would share it here. enjoy.

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  1. RAAB says:

    what i don’t appreciate is god’s pull to make that man get out of his car in the middle of a traffic jam and dent all of those hoods with a pogo stick. what are we really trying to promote here?

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