two futures: a call for nuclear disarmament

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Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

two futures: a call for nuclear disarmament

it’s no mystery to my regular blog readers: i’m anti-war.

under any circumstances.

let me offer a singular reason for this proclamation, from which many other reasons flow.
i follow jesus and i believe the things he said.
that could be the end.
but, there’s more.
even in the event that the world is at peace in regards to physically fighting a war (which i don’t foresee for a very long time), it still doesn’t eliminate the need for the world to be 100% disarmed of nuclear weapons. all nuclear weapons=gone.
again, i believe this because i believe that jesus is anti-nuclear weapons. of course, as we know, jesus never made any statements about nuclear weapons. and, of course, we know that jesus didn’t make any statements whatsoever about modern weaponry. but, we also know that the words of jesus transcend his ancient setting.
i would like to think that i don’t have to try to convince you that a weapon that results in mass death and illness to hundreds of thousands of people in one moment is contary to the life and message of jesus. surely most of us are on the same page, right?
so, it’s with this that i was encouraged to see an organization headed up by a group of christians who is actively taking a role—both in the church world and the political world—to see through complete nuclear disarmament throughout the world.
it’s called the two futures project and here’s their schpill from their “about” page:

The Two Futures Project (2FP) is a movement of American Christians for the abolition of all nuclear weapons. We believe that we face two futures and one choice: a world without nuclear weapons or a world ruined by them. We support the multilateral, global, irreversible, and verifiable elimination of nuclear weapons, as a biblically-grounded mandate and as a contemporary security imperative.

Our change strategy is based around the creation of a nonpartisan, conscience-driven, enduring majority of Americans who are committed to a nuclear weapons-free world. By joining together with one voice of Christian conscience, we seek to encourage and enable our national leaders to make the complete elimination of nuclear weapons the organizing principle of American nuclear weapons policy. We join in this work to the glory of God.

so, go check them out to find out more. they’ve got some fact sheets you can download, some further explanation and some videos for more information. while they have a couple bits of wording here and there that are a little iffy to me, it’s overall really good stuff and they’re being backed by some very notable endorsements (including rob bell, brian mclaren, tony campolo and other names of note).
here’s a compelling intro video they’ve made.