watch the first 13 minutes of ‘collision: christopher hitchens vs. douglas wilson"

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Sunday, September 6th, 2009

watch the first 13 minutes of ‘collision: christopher hitchens vs. douglas wilson"

on october 27, collision: christopher hitchins vs. douglas wilson releases to dvd and limited theater runs in major markets. hitchens—self-described anti-theist, political journalist and author of the best-selling god is not great—in 2007, engaged in series of written correspondence with wilson—author, satirist and evangelical theologian—debating whether or not christianity is good for the world.

after these exchanges were published by christianity today, a filmmaker took known of the heated interest and decided to follow the two men through a series of debates along the east coast. what he found were two superior intellectuals who grew to become both foes and friends.

recently over at the movie’s website, they released the first 13 minutes of the documentary. it looks pretty good. while i’ve heard hitchens’ schtick several times, i’ll be very interested to hear wilson’s approach. i’m not too big on christian apologetics (which i plan to blog about soon), so i’m eager to see what line of reasoning (or lack thereof) he utilizes. i’m sure, in the end, i’ll find myself in equal parts agreement and disagreement with both debaters.

so, here’s the first 13 minutes to wet your chops.


  1. Morgon77 says:

    Excellent. Will this be coming out anywhere here in Arkansas? Maybe at Marketplace? Can we get an Eikon View – and – discuss night?

  2. taddelay says:

    that would be a great idea i think. Hitchens is badass and wicked smart

  3. derekablaylock says:

    Ryan asked about doing this as a midrash film night and I'm thinking…yes! absolutely! I think it's a great idea too!

  4. Morgon77 says:

    Heh. Speaking of which, would it be possible to have a monthly midrash film night?

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