penn & the gideon

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Friday, December 19th, 2008

penn & the gideon

yeah, that sounds like some kind of lost bible story just waiting to be discovered in some scroll: penn & the gideon…

anyway, most of you know penn jillette, one half of the comedy/magic duo penn & teller. one of the most prominent aspects of his personal (and sometimes professional life) is that he is an ardent atheist. he isn’t just your ‘hey, i don’t believe in god’ kind of atheist. he’s the ‘you’re a brainwashed neanderthal if you’re retarded enough to believe in a god and i’m going to go around giving lectures about it’ kind of atheist. yeah, here’s just a snippet to show you what i mean.

well, with all that said, he put out a very intriguing video recently of him talking about an encounter with a gideon who gave him a bible after one of his shows. it’s a very interesting take on christianity/religion from a passionate atheist. it’s worth the watch.

(by the way, could you have any more of a frightening and unflattering camera angle…)