watch and download rob bell’s latest film, ‘resurrection’

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Sunday, April 4th, 2010

watch and download rob bell’s latest film, ‘resurrection’

there are few sure bets in this world. yes, we can count on nic cage being just a little more creepy in his next film than the last. and yes, we can count on—regardless of years of reason to believe the previously stated fact—hordes of people flocking to the theater to see said next film. but otherwise, very few things, indeed, are worth betting the farm on.

enter rob bell stage left.

ah yes, place your bets, friends, because whenever rob bell and company get their hands on a camera, it’s going to be amazing. as most of you know, bell has been involved with the NOOMA film series for quite awhile, but now he’s taken on a new series of free films. yes, free. and, you know, the good kind of free…as in well-made free.

the first offering is a film custom-fit for easter called resurrection. the film deals with the “provocative, compelling, subversive, beautiful insistence that nothing can ever be the same again, not after resurrection.” as always, bell doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel with what he’s saying, but he does certainly engage the theological “ooh and ahh” moments, where some beautiful, undiscovered nugget of wisdom is unearthed from a highly-treaded passage of scripture.

beyond the theological value, bell (and team) continue to produce beautiful, high quality films. this has hints of some of the design elements we’ve become accustomed to in apple commercials, but also contains there own unique visual spin.

you can check it out yourself in a few different formats and places. the primary place to view the film and/or download the mp3 track, script and discussion guide is at you can also view and download the high quality video from bell’s vimeo page. in the event that you just can’t pry yourself away from, you can view the film right here.