picking up the pieces of my blown mind: apple announces iphone 4

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Monday, June 7th, 2010

picking up the pieces of my blown mind: apple announces iphone 4

more than once (to deal in understatement), i’ve been called an apple fanboy. there’s a certain contingency of the unconvinced (the ignorant?) that assume if you like apple’s products, you must be blindly being led like a brainless sheep. but, of course, there’s another contingency. that is, naturally, the contingency of the convinced: the people who have seen, time and time again, that there is simply no company that creates consistently amazing, innovative and inspiring products like apple. none.

the tradition continues today with the announcement of iphone 4.

by no means is this going to be an exhaustive list of all the new features or an in-depth look at the hardware or, generally speaking, a sales pitch. rather, i thought i would share the incredible videos that were shown at the wwdc keynote earlier today.

as a bit of a behind-the-scenes blog/technical note, i’ve also decided that this will give me an opportunity to test a new html5 video element i’m going to incorporate into the blog. it very well may be buggy, so i’d greatly appreciate any feedback if you experience problems. it has a built-in flash fallback for firefox and a couple others browsers, and in my testing, the flash player is a little ‘meh’. so, please provide feedback. also, please test it on your iphone & ipad, as it should play without a hitch (in theory).

also, in the very near future (hopefully), i’ll be rolling out a relatively significant html5 audio feature that will be a core aspect of the way i blog and interact. that should see the light of day pretty soon.

ok, on to the videos. the first one is about the design of iphone 4, featuring some of the people behind the scenes such as jony ive and scott forstall.

the second is a pretty amazing ad directed and produced by sam mendes, director of such incredible movies as american beauty, revolutionary road and away we go. it’s really a beautiful piece that features the incredible new face time, a video calling feature.