pre-max: a lucy and olive photo retrospective

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Monday, June 7th, 2010

pre-max: a lucy and olive photo retrospective

tomorrow—tuesday, june 8, 2010—max ryan byrd will be born. we’ve been scheduled to induce and while we’re not big fans of inducement, it’s definitely a relief after what has been a month of constant anticipation. it’s a little strange knowing the exact date of your child’s birth, but it certainly does allow for a little planning that we didn’t have when lucy and olive decided to pop out a couple weeks early.

with max’s impending birth, the focus will largely shift to his arrival. for older children, it can be a difficult adjustment. lucy did pretty well with olive and i expect olive to do alright, but i thought i’d give lucy and olive the spotlight one last time before max jumps into the scene (and subsequently steals it).

while i haven’t done an exhaustive look back at their photos, i decided to pull some of my favorite photos of the girls and share them here. some long-time blog readers might recognize a handful of them, but some have never seen the light of (digital) day.

now, before you go and observe this for yourself, let me just affirm that, yes, in typical fashion, there’s way more photos of lucy than olive. what became abundantly clear as i went through pictures is that we’ve got incremental pictures of lucy since her birth in 2007, but with olive, we sorta crapped out a few months into her life. they get pretty sporadic after about 3 months old. yes, we’re terrible parents…but typical parents…

without further ado, here’s your pre-max photo sessions with lucy and olive. (and yes, you’ll likely be inundated upon his arrival on tuesday…)



and…a couple together